Angle + Earl St. Studio

Client: Angle + Earl St.
Location: Windsor, Victoria
Co-ordinates: -37°85’25.6” S, 144°99’62.8”E
Status: Complete
Year: 2018
Project Team: BoardGrove Architects, Coben
Words: BoardGrove Architects
Images: Haydn Cattach
Awards: Shortlisted Dulux Colour Awards 2019- Commercial Interior Workplace & Retail

office  Renovation  studio  workplace  

This shared studio refurbishment for a property developer and graphic design/branding business used colour to transform the space. With a very tight budget the brief was to refresh the dark existing studio and create two separated spaces – a front of house area for greetings and meetings and a rear of house area for working.

The existing brick walls and timber ceiling were painted out white to help make the space brighter and improve the sense of natural light whilst providing a backdrop to the new insertions. These consisted of new shelving, storage, a glazed stable door screen, window seats, a kitchen and toilets. The shelving and storage were designed to help display the colourful marketing collateral that the two businesses produce for developments. The storage and window seats also feature circular holes in order to integrate indoor planting  into the space.

The colour of the new objects inserted within this white envelope were choreographed to gradate in colour from the street through to the rear of the workspace. Three peach tones are used, each defines one of the three parts of the studio – front of house, the working zone and the back of house areas. Responding to the daylight available in each space the tones move from a darker shade on entry where most natural light is present to a very soft tone at the rear of the space. Existing furniture was also repainted, such as the kitchen bench and front meeting table to match into the surrounding colour of each area. Our decision to explore a palette of gradated colour through the depth of the space is a nod to the clients (Earl St.) Instagram account which is highly curated with a continuous gradation of colour from one image to the next.

office  Renovation  studio  workplace