Brookes Jetty

Client: Bring Back Brookes Jetty
Location: St Kilda, Victoria
Co-ordinates: 37°52’10.4”S 144°58’31.0”E
Status: Shortlisted Competition Entry
Year: 2020
Project Team: BoardGrove Architects, Ceren Sinanoglu
Images: BoardGrove Architects
Model: Ceren Sinanoglu
Photography: Haydn Cattach
Words: BoardGrove Architects

jetty  landmark  landscape  public space  recreation  

Jetty is from the French word Jetée; something thrown out or projecting. In the beach context, skipping stones springs to mind. A simple activity where a stone bounces off the water bringing pleasure and joy. When tossed correctly the stone is able to make multiple skips in descending arc lengths before entering the water. Our jetty is a timber structure that gently curves out to sea orientating towards the sunset. At the end of each skipping arc where the jetty lightly touches the sea a set of splayed timber steps provide safe access to the water and opportunities for fishing, a place to eat fish n chips or watch the sunset.