Drop Table

Client: BoardGrove Architects
Location: Indoor
Co-ordinates: Varies
Status: Complete
Year: 2020
Project Team: BoardGrove Architects
Fabricator: Dale Holden
Photography: Haydn Cattach
Words: BoardGrove Architects
Exhibitions: Osmosis with Gallery Sally Dan Cuthbert, Melbourne Design Week 2020

furniture  object  

Drop Table reinvents the historic drop leaf table. Compact in size it celebrates the corner of a room. It is usable as a small desk or as a surface for ornamentation. The decorative drop leaf sides enable the Drop to open into a small sculptural table, suitable for a small apartment or equally a large house. With a long life, loose fit approach, the table is designed for the owners’ lifetime, adapting as their living situation changes.

Fabricated from three planes of 5mm mild steel connected together with a custom steel hinge. The table is available in a variety of finishes.