Ivanhoe House—Gin + Movie Rooms

Client: Private
Location: Ivanhoe, Victoria
Co-ordinates: 37°46’07.7″S 145°02’59.4″E
Status: Complete
Year: 2022
Project Team: BoardGrove Architects
Photography: Haydn Cattach
Words: BoardGrove Architects

These two rooms form the first stage of a large overhaul of an existing early 20th century Federation style dwelling in one of Melbourne’s garden suburbs, Ivanhoe. Located in the front and oldest part of a large family dwelling, these two spaces have been re-imagined, given a new purpose and identity. 

Inspiration for the Gin Room was drawn from decorative cut glassware, that historically has been used to store and serve spirits such as gin. When a cut glass vessel interacts with light it results in light dancing and refracting across the objects cut surface. As such the colour tones for this space were inspired by the delicate colours found in refracted light. The room is a glowing, theatrical flamboyant space, worthy of drinking gin and having a jolly good time.

The Gin Room acts as a space for small gatherings for breakfast, lunch or dinner, a place to do some work, make a phone call and by night a place to drink gin and have some fun. A special table, hand-made glass pendant lights and a unique Gin Cabinet occupy the space. A delicate rainbow of tones in the buttery walls, rich golden carpet and shifts of soft pale pink, purple, green, yellow and blue make a captivating and immersive interior, rich in experience.

The Movie Room has an intimate quality, like being wrapped under a big blanket. This space takes on the tones of the midnight sky – deep dark blues, built up of subtle layers of varying tone and material textures. A large curtain transforms the space for different occasions. When the curtain is open the space is a light filled living room. When the curtain closes the room becomes an immersive space in which to watch movies. The curtain creates a sense of enclosure and coupled with the surrounding rich materiality the space becomes cinematographic in its character of suspense and drama.