Ivanhoe House

Client: Private
Location: Ivanhoe, Victoria
Co-ordinates: 37°46’07.7″S 145°02’59.4″E
Status: Under construction
Year: 2020
Project Team: BoardGrove Architects, Meyer Engineering, Builde, Advantage Energy Ratings
Images: BoardGrove Architects
Words: BoardGrove Architects

An oversized gabled home in one of Melbourne’s garden suburbs, reconfigured and extended for its new owners. Unique to Australia the ‘Federation Bungalow’ style transitions between two spectrums – decorative and flamboyant balanced with honest and humble details. The design of the small additions and interior to this home take reference from much of the found character in the house.

The house is made of many rooms. In the older part of the house one passes through part height openings in walls between rooms. At floor level the spaces bleed into one another but higher up at ceiling level they are bound and contained. This provides the opportunity for each individual space to have its own sense of character and idiosyncrasies. As part of the renovation and extension each room’s ceiling is celebrated and takes a lead role in one’s experience of each space. The intricate decorative two dimensional ceilings present in the older rooms are re-interpreted in the newer areas in the form of three dimensional sculptural ceilings, decorative in form as opposed to surface. Whilst each room’s ceiling has its own identity, overall they tie together to form a unified approach to the interior – ‘a house of ceilings’.

There are many types of living spaces at ground level and each of their uses helps make each space special and unique. A Movie Room inspired by the night sky has a large curtain that turns daytime into night time and envelopes its occupants providing warmth and comfort. Adjacent and in contrast to this the Gin Room sparkles and dazzles, inspired by refracted light passing through antique cut glass. A delicate spectrum of colours creates a magical experience.