NGV Triennial Extra 2020 Dining Table

Client: National Gallery of Victoria
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Co-ordinates: 37°49’21.8”S 144°58’10.0”E
Status: Built
Fabrication: Individual Design and Construct
Year: 2020
Project Team: BoardGrove Architects
Photography: Rory Gardiner
Words: BoardGrove Architects

This table was designed for the NGV Triennial Extra 2020 dining event as a simple device for defining socially distanced dining. The table has many legs, each one at 750mm spacing creating a large ruler which allows for easy management of socially distancing guests. When a gap is left between dining groups, a comfortable 1.5m separation is achieved.  The tables are made from 29mm birch ply that was CNC cut for an efficient production process. The gallery was interested in re-using things that were made specifically for this event therefore the tables are designed and fabricated as modules which can be easily flat packed and stored for future events.